Digital marketing is easy.

Stop complicating it.

It may not feel like it, but...
  • Digital marketing is not hard.
  • It's not complicated. 
  • It's not overwhelming.
  • Digital marketing is easy if you sprint.

What are Sprints?

Sprints are clear, repeatable digital marketing tasks designed for your specific website to quickly boost your traffic, customers and impact, without any of the overwhelm.

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Here's our promise to you.

Through our unrivaled training programs, Sprinters Institute helps marketing teams and business owners create crystal-clear digital marketing Scorecards, Roadmaps and Checklists for their specific websites--so they can finally boost traffic, increase customers and make a real impact.

The best digital marketing mastery programs on the planet. Period.

We're marketers too. We get it.

You're busy. The last thing you want to do is spend hours learning fluff. Our mastery programs are 100% focused on sprints. With sprints, we teach you the micro-tasks you need to quickly get results for your specific business. No tricks. Just smart marketing.

SEO Sprints

SEO is not hard. In this sprint, we uncomplicate SEO so you know exactly what specific changes to make to your specific website to generate traffic 24/7.

Analytics Sprints

 Analytics is hard. And now that Google has announced that everyone has to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by July 1, 2023, time is ticking. Let's migrate and master GA4 to improve your business.

Lead-Gen Sprints

Is lead-generation keeping you up at night? Leads are people who fill out your website forms to become potential customers. If you're getting zero leads or bad leads, this sprint is for you.

Traditional Digital Marketing vs. Sprinters Institute

  • Marathon mindset
  • No transparency 
  • Confusing roadmap
  • Little-to-no results
  • Expensive agency contracts 
  • Disoriented teams
  • Sprint mindset
  • Transparent scorecard for every campaign
  • Clear roadmap of what to do and when
  • Fast, trackable results
  • Free tools included in our training
  • Team zen

We get it.

We're marketers too.

Everything we teach is based on decades of doing this for countless brands of all sizes. Simply put, our process works.


Straight from our clients

The best digital marketing training, hands-down.

 Mike Fisher, Marketing Manager

Sprinters Institute has completely transformed how we think about SEO, analytics and lead generation. We are driving more traffic than ever before, and my team feels empowered and motivated again. 

Melissa White, Marketing Director

No shady tricks. We're saving money every single month with SEO Sprints. They break SEO down so clearly, it's actually easy. Plus, we get access to premium SEO tools. No brainer.

Trin Yoaten, Owner of Springstream Marketing

Ready. Set. Sprint.

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